Emotional States of the Five Phases

TCM Emtional State of 5 phases
In Chinese medicine, our health is affected by our emotions.
Here is some information about how the Zang-Fu organs affects and helps manage mental/emotional conditions?
Different emotions and mental conditions will affect different organs, leading to weakening, stagnation and deficiency of Qi and blood, therefore, stimulation and strengthening of those organs alongside proper diet, exercises and some form of talking supportive therapies like Hypnosis, CBT, EFT etc… will help re-establish balance and harmonize the mind and body in a holistic way.

Lack of positivity, lack of cheerfulness, hysterical behaviours, lack of concentration, panic attacks, mental restlessness, pensiveness, memory loss.

Worry, over thinking, pensiveness on a particular problem, concentrating for too long and too hard, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia.
Special note: When you treat the spleen for over thinking and worry problems, treat also the heart. The heart produces the thought but the spleen processes the thought.

Sadness, grief, lack of energy, lassitude, low concentration, depression, sudden emotional shock, mental drainage.

Fear, phobias, desire for solitude, unwilling to listen, timidity, lack of creativity and motivation
Special note: as a general support for any mental/emotional conditions alongside other Zang Fu.

Anger, lack of love, lack of compassion, lack of understanding and patience, deep depression
Special note: as a general support for any mental/emotional conditions alongside other Zang Fu.


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