Natural Cures of Asthma

Natural Cure of AsthmaAsthma attacks – Diagnosis and Treatment

In the early stage of asthma, the treatment focuses on promoting the lung’s dispersive function by regulating qi flow and dispelling phlegm so as to eliminate the pathogenic factors. In a prolonged case with recurrent attacks, the body resistance is weakened. The treatment should focus on nurturing the lung and kidneys, invigorating the spleen and stomach, resolving phlegm and benefiting qi to eliminate pathogenic factors and strengthen the body resistance

(1) Due to cold
Clinical manifestations: Short breath, dyspnea, wheezing, fullness and stuffiness in the chest, cough with white and sticky or thin sputum, yellowish blue complexion, absence of thirst, or preference for hot drinks, a white and slippery tongue coating and a superficial and tense or taut and smooth pulse.
Treatment: To warm the lung, disperse cold, dispel phlegm and ease the throat.

(2) Due to heat
Clinical manifestations: Short breath, dyspnea, rattling sound in the throat, breathing with raised shoulders, choking cough with think, sticky and yellow sputum with is difficult to expectorate, stuffiness in the chest, irritability, sweating, thirst, a red tongue with yellow and sticky coating, and a smooth and rapid pulse.
Treatment: To promote the lung’s dispersive function, disperse heat, resolve phlegm, and send the unhealthy qi downward.

(3) Due to lung deficiency
Lung deficiency manifests itself as aversion to cold, sweating on exertion during the remission stage, sneezing, nasal stuffiness and clear nasal discharge during the attack.
Treatment: To invigorate the lung and consolidate the defensive qi.

(4) Due to Splenic deficiency
Splenic deficiency usually manifests cough with profuse sputum, poor appetite, a distressed sensation in the epigastric region, lassitude, loose stool, or diarrhea and abdominal pain after eating greasy food and sea food.
Treatment: To invigorate the spleen and resolve phlegm.

(5) Due to Renal deficiency
Renal deficiency manifests as the shortness of breath which is aggravated by exertion. Other symptoms are lumbago, weak limbs, aversion to cold, lassitude, dizziness, tinnitus, night sweating and a hot sensation in the palms and soles.
Treatment: To invigorate the kidneys to improve the reception of qi.


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